The Guarantee Fund supports summons related to the bankruptcy of Qudos Insurance

8. Jan. 2020
The trustee in the bankruptcy of Qudos Insurance has on 20 December 2019 summoned a number of people and companies connected to the management and owners of Qudos Insurance A/S.

The Danish Guarantee Fund for Non-life Insurers has provided a financial guarantee to ensure that the cases can be carried out. This gives the trustee in the bankruptcy of Qudos Insurance the opportunity to investigate in a number of possible reprehensible and liable matters - and to pursue the cases in court.

In October 2018, the Guarantee Fund sued the Board of Directors and the Executive Board of the former insurance agency Husejernes Forsikrings Agentur for the loss of 96 million DKK, which has been put on the Guarantee Fund as a result of the neglect of responsible duties that lied with the members of the Board and Executive Directors during their time in Husejernes Forsikrings Agentur. Prior to this, the Guarantee Fund sued Gable Insurance AG under bankruptcy, Barbican Speciality Reinsurance Company Ltd and Gable's Swedish insurance brokers Howden Insurance Brokers AB, and the two cases are now being dealt with together. 

The court case is currently pending in Østre Landsret as court of first instance due to the principle of the case. The court has not yet decided on a number of procedural questions regarding e.g. venue.

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