Membership of the Guarantee Fund

Mandatory membership of the Guarantee Fund

As of 1 January, 2019 all direct providers of non-life insurance in the EU/EEC which through branches or cross-border services are notified to carry out insurance business in Denmark are obliged to be a member of the Danish Guarantee Fund.

All new members shall make a one-time contribution to the Guarantee Fund upon enrolment. The contribution is fixed at DKK 50 per police for the following private line insurance policies:

  • Motorforsikringer (motor liability insurance)
  • Familieforsikringer (household contents insurance)
  • Husejerforsikringer (property insurance)
  • Sundhedsforsikringer (health insurance)
  • Ejerskifteforsikringer (latent defect insurance - change-of ownership)
  • Sælgeransvarsforsikring (property sellers liability insurance)
  • Byggeskadeforsikringer (structural warranty insurance – new build)

However, please be aware that the contribution cannot be less than DKK 100,000.

To enroll and pay the required entrance fee, please go to this site and follow the instructions.

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