Ongoing contributions to the Guarantee Fund

Contribution to the Guarantee Fund

As a result of the latest insurance bankruptcies the Danish Guarantee Fund no longer meets the statutory requirement to have a capital of DKK 300 mio. 


The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority has therefore instructed the Guarantee Fund to collect contributions from its members, in order to re-establish the Guarantee Fund’s capital.

The amount of the contribution is determined by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. In 2021 the contribution is fixed at DKK 40 per police for the following private line insurance policies:


  • Motorforsikringer (motor liability insurance)
  • Familieforsikringer (household contents insurance)
  • Husejerforsikringer (property insurance)
  • Sundhedsforsikringer (health insurance)
  • Ejerskifteforsikringer(latent defect insurance - change-of-ownership)
  • Sælgeransvarsforsikring (property sellers liability insurance) and
  • Byggeskadeforsikringer (structural warranty insurance – new build)