Qudos Insurance A/S bankrupt

Qudos Insurance A/S was by decree declared bankrupt on 20 December 2018. Therefore, all policyholders from Qudos Insurance need to write a new insurance policy as soon as possible.

The Guarantee Fund covers eligible claims in the following categories:


  • Policyholders with private insurance policies
  • Third-parties protected from personal injuries or property damage according to motor vehicle liability insurance
  • Third-parties protected from personal injuries according to other liability insurance
  • Collective insurance to the extent that an insurance policy of its kind corresponds to the covered individual insurance policies
  • Claims regarding building fire on all types of real estate

Claims that was already reported before the bankruptcy decree, will be handled and policyholders do not need to do anymore.

Claims that was not reported prior to the bankruptcy decree had to be reported no later than 6 months after the bankruptcy decree was issued.

Reported claims that are not covered by the Guarantee Fund are automatically registered in the bankruptcy estate.

The Guarantee Fund will refund the premium for the remainder of the insurance policy's period, however, with an excess of DKK 1,000 per policy. 

Keep yourself updated via relevant webpages: www.qudosinsurance.dk and www.finanstilsynet.dk

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