The Guarantee Fund's Board

The Guarantee Fund is managed by a board of five board members appointed by the Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs. The members and their alternates are appointed for three years at a time.


The members of the Board of Directors must represent legal, technical and accounting knowledge.


The chairman and vice-chairman must not have such affiliation with a non-life insurance company that conflicting interests may arise between this and the Guarantee Fund.


Board members from 1st November 2018:

Chairman of the Board



  • Christian C. Lund Nielsen

Vice Chairman

  • Chief Actuary at Tryg Insurance, Tine Buch-Kromann

Other board members

  • Legal Consultant at The Danish Consumer Council, Jakob Steenstrup
  • Deputy Director at DI, Kim Haggren
  • MSc in Economics, Insurance & Pension, Hans Reymann-Carlsen

Alternate for Vice Chairman

  • Chief Risk Officer at Industriens Pension, Pernille Jul Overby

Other alternates

  • Senior Economist at The Danish Consumer Council, Morten Bruun Pedersen
  • Chief Consultant at SMWdanmark, Jeppe Rosenmejer
  • Chief Consultant at Insurance & Pension, Kirstine Thorsen
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