Legal framework for the Guarantee Fund


The Guarantee Fund was established by 'The Guarantee Fund for Non-life Insurers Act' which took effect on 1 October 2003.




The Acts currently in force:

  • The Guarantee Fund for Non-life Insurers Act (no. 932 of 6 September 2019)


  • Law on amendment of law on financial business, law on payments, law on capital markets, law on investment funds, etc. and various other laws - article 12 (no. 1374 of 13 December 2019). (In Danish only)



Executive orders

The executive orders currently in force: 

  • Executive order on contributions to the Guarantee Fund for Non-Life Insurance Companies (no. 1437 of 5 December 2018). (In Danish only)


  • Executive order on amendment of executive order on good practice for financial business (new notification obligations for non-life insurance companies, including branches of foreign Non-life insurance companies, when marketing Non-life insurance agreements to consumers) (no. 484 of 16 May 2017). (In Danish only)