Ongoing contributions to the Guarantee Fund

Contribution to the Guarantee Fund for 2019

As a result of the Gable Insurance and Alpha Insurance bankruptcies the Danish Guarantee Fund for Non-life Insurers no longer meets the statutory requirement to have a capital of DKK 300 mio. 


The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority has therefore instructed the Fund to collect contributions from members of the Guarantee Fund, in order to re-establish the Guarantee Fund’s capital.

The contribution is determined by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and is fixed at DKK 40 per police for the following private line insurance policies:


  • Motorforsikringer (motor liability insurance)
  • Familieforsikringer (household contents insurance)
  • Husejerforsikringer (property insurance)
  • Sundhedsforsirkinger (health insurance)
  • Ejerskifteforsikringer(latent defect insurance - change-of-ownership)
  • Sælgeransvarsforsikring (property sellers liability insurance) and
  • Byggeskadeforsikringer (structual warranty insurance – new build)